The Benefits of Lunarpages Web Design Packages

When it comes to looking around for companies that can host your website and also offer a web design package, it can become difficult. Not many companies are able to offer that option but Lunarpages hosting can.

Thanks to their team of professionals, Lunarpages is able to offer a wide range of web design packages so that you are certain to find something that you need. Whether you want a blog or need a large e-commerce website, the team works within the managed hosting side of their offering so that they can run your website too, rather than you needing to. Of course, you do not have to go for that option and you can host it yourself if you really want to.

The price for the websites can seem quite high but you also need to consider what you are getting. The packages start from $599 and you are able to gain 5 pages for your website completely designed and developed for you by a team of professional individuals. The website will be developed to your needs and you can explain what you need for your website.

All of the content will be written for you so you can be certain that you will get content that is high in search engine optimization. This can be very difficult to do yourself but is needed to be able to climb up the search engine ladder and be on that first page of search engines. They will put the text in five places and will work with you to determine the best places on your website for that.

If you need a little bit extra, then you will need to look at the next plan up. This will give you the chance to add or delete pages. This can be very beneficial as your business and website grows. You will also gain access to the admin page for your website rather than have the whole website run for you. This will also give you the ability to add widgets, create tags for your posts and even add and delete the posts that are on.

So that you can be found easier through search engines, your URL will be made SEO friendly. This will give you the benefit to be above the competition and ensure that you get to the top quicker. SEO can take a few months for your website to get to the top so you will need to be patient.

Of course, if your business is actually an e-commerce website, you will need to pay extra to have your e-commerce options added. You can opt for shopping carts to be added to your website, discount coupons to be shown and even have the ability to integrate payment authorization to ensure that your customers are happy with buying through your website.

If you want to host your website as well as have a member of the team build one for you, you can opt to pay $49.00 per month. Your website will be custom built for what you specifically need and you can choose from a list of designs they already have.

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