Payment Processing Security with Lunarpages Hosting

Handing over credit card details is always a worry for many people all over the world. At one time, it was the easiest way for many people to become victims of credit card and identity fraud. Over time, this has changed as more websites are able to encrypt their data much more easily and more effectively. However, this does not make many people feel better about paying for their products online, which is why Lunarpages has a page dedicated to their secure payment processing, so that your mind can be put at ease.

Lunarpages has teamed up with First Data, which has helped many businesses to keep their payment processing secure but still extremely easy. First Data is not just used to pay for your website hosting, it is also made available for you to use on your website if you have products that you are selling.

First Data has also meant that more people are able to pay by many different methods. Most websites will only offer via a main credit card, such as Visa or Mastercard. Many companies prefer not to have American Express card payments, however, Lunarpages has no problem with this. They also allow people to pay via gift cards, Diners Club, and many others.

By adding e-commerce to your website, you can be guaranteed to have secure payments all the time, even if some of the payments are taken over the phone. Everything is run from the exact same place. This does come at a small monthly payment, but it is worth it when it means that you do not have to do as much work and you are better protected against fraud. Your customers will trust you a lot more and be willing to do more business with you.

You will be able to gain free reports about your expenditure and your profits. This will be available to you no matter where you are in the world or what computer you are using. The data will only be able to be viewed by you.

You will also be able to have your money placed into whichever bank you choose. You can change this bank if you wish, too. It is best to set up a business account, as it will make you seem much more professional to your customers and other companies that you do business with. This will also make you seem much more trustworthy, because people will see you as a business and not as a single person.

The downside to using this form of payment processing is that it is only available to those in the United States; this is due to tax and bank purposes and not just because the company does not want to do business outside of their country. This can put many people to a disadvantage, but it is worth checking to see if a web hosting company from your own company offers you something similar. It is always worth shopping around because this is well worth considering adding to your package.

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