What Packages Does Lunarpages Offer?

Lunarpages hosting is a company that is able to offer a variety of website hosting. There is a plan available, whatever your needs. Whether you want a small personal blog or whether you are in need of a dedicated server to help your large business gain more popularity and customers.

The customer support team has 120 professionals that work around the clock to be able to offer you quick and knowledgeable advice. They can help your website stay online and can help prevent any problems that you may have, whether you are having problems with the server or your own code.

In fact, there is a team of web designers available who have uploaded a number of pre-made themes which you can use for your own website at no extra cost. This is extremely beneficial for those who just want a personal website or blog but have no previous knowledge of making websites and have no idea about the programming languages that are needed. Of course if you want a small business website, then either you will need to make the functionality work perfectly or you will need to hire somebody to do it for you.

The business hosting is perfect for those who just want a small website with business information or for those who want a full-scale e-commerce website. There are shopping carts available to use and secure payment methods to ensure that your prospective customers will feel safe enough to buy your products online. This business hosting is great for small and medium sized businesses.


For those with larger businesses, there are dedicated server packages. These servers are also perfect for those websites who have a lot of traffic being directed to them. You get the control of a whole server, which means that you will not suffer with a slow website and you will not find yourself constricted to the amount of CPU that you can use, which can limit your traffic and your business capabilities.

You do not need to constantly sit at your computer to be able to get all of your e-mails. Lunarpages runs with Microsoft Outlook, which has now made an application for many Smart Phones. You can now get your e-mails while you are away from your desk, which can make running your business a lot smoother and easier.

Lunarpages offers a managed hosting package, which means that you can sit back and allow the company to do everything for you. This has its own benefits and disadvantages and you will need to consider them before you sign up for the package. However, if you do not want to hire extra staff or want to allow your current team members to get on with other, more pressing matters, then you could have that opportunity by opting for managed hosting around the clock.

Lunarpages is able to offer a lot of different options depending on your website needs. You can start out small and watch as your business grows without needing to do a thing or you can run your own website and feel proud for managing everything yourself.

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