Deciding Whether to Use SecureLive with Lunarpages Hosting

Every day there is a website that is hacked and details stolen. This is very dangerous because it leads to identity theft, credit card fraud, and can ruin your business both professionally and financially. This can be very difficult to overcome, so the best option is to prevent it from happening first. Lunarpages is able to offer SecureLive protection to help with preventing this from ever happening to your website.

There is a cost for SecureLive to be added to your package, but it is less than 10 dollars per month. Before you look away because of the price, you really need to consider whether you can actually put a price on your website security. By losing your website due to hacking, you could lose your whole basis of income, which will cause many other problems. It can be very difficult to get your business back to the standard that it was after being hacked, especially if your customers and clients have had their details stolen, so it is very important to prevent.

So far, SecureLive has been able to prevent 50 million attempts of websites being hacked into. This is not just in America; this is across the whole globe. If your website has never been hacked into, then SecureLive will work 100 percent effectively. And if you are unsure whether your website has ever been hacked into – or almost hacked into – the company are able to offer a sweep to determine this. If a hack has occurred, or there are viruses on the website, the company is able to clean everything before installing the whole program. This will come at an extra price, but it is all worth it when it protects your company’s security.

SecureLive can affect the speed of your website by up to 0.5 seconds. This can be a big downside for many web masters, but you will need to decide whether you can sacrifice some of the download speed for your website security. Of course, this will also need to be determined by what you need your website for. This can put e-commerce and large business websites to a disadvantage.

Also, if you are going to be taking credit card details over your website, you will need to consider the security of those payments. SecureLive will not protect them and it will not run in conjunction with PCI, which is the most commonly used credit card security software. There are others out there, but not all customers and clients will be aware of them as much as PCI, so you will need to make the decision which is best. However, you do need to remember that SecureLive is there to protect everything on your website, so if you are storing credit card details in a database, SecureLive will be able to protect this; something that PCI will not.

One of the best things that you will gain from SecureLive is that you will not need to have any SSL certificates issued to ensure the security of the website. Http and https websites will be protected equally.

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