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Last Updated: March 23, 2014
If you are thinking about creating your own website, you will need to find a reliable host to actually load your website up and on to the internet. The process is pretty easy if you find the right website hosting company.

Choosing the right web hosting company can really make all the difference in the world to a website owner. On the other hand choosing the wrong "fly by night" company and you just might find yourself caught up in a real mess. In addition, trading in "value" for lax security or reliability is an important consideration to look at when your business or your work is at stake.

Fortunately, there are some very good web hosting companies that are competing heavily for your business today. This strong competition has added benefits for consumers because it translates to better deals than you could have thought possible only a few years ago!

Still, with the shear amount of new companies out there determining the best host provider can be a very challenging task, even for the most seasoned among us. After all, what are the real differences between hosting "Company A" and hosting "Company B"? This is certainly not the time to be fooled by great logos and fancy celebrity endorsements when it comes to your website security.

Interestingly, over the last several years, new hosting companies have emerged and pushed the boundaries of service offerings and reliability to benefit new comers. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at the top 17 web hosting companies, both new and senior, and determine which among them would make the "Top 3" choices.

For over eight long months, we used nearly five dozen websites - both large and small - and thoroughly assessed the Top 17 hosting companies. Over all, we were impressed with the findings, but only settled on three of them.

Again, we reviewed the 17 best hosting service companies, using the following criteria:

  • Overall Value - How well did the hosting company deliver on value?
  • Reliability - Was the hosting service (including their customer service) reliable?
  • Simplicity - Was the service easy to use and navigable?
LunarPages Review

Rating 10/10

Overall Value

"Value, reliability, and more. Our top choice."

After reviewing the Top 17 web hosting companies, there was no doubt that Lunar Pages stood above the rest.

At every turn during the near eight months, we were impressed with Lunar Pages. You can tell this company was established by well-seasoned talent, who combined technology and customer service into one neat little easy-to-use package.

Like most other services, customers receive unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and storage. In addition, they get unlimited email and POP3 support. A free web set up, domain registration included in the first year, and free spam protection.

Toe to Toe, Lunar Pages can compete with any of the big boys out there in terms of dollar-for-dollar value. Like we said, they impressed us here with all the free extras, tools, support, and data storage that anyone would want to use.

In addition to their deep service offerings, you also get many free or low cost add-ons such as shopping cart availability for those customers who want to set up their own shopping cart and e-commerce website. The availability for picture galleries, advanced poll creation tools, and unlimited sub-domains made this service quite affordable and impressive, especially for the very low monthly costs.

While they exceeded our criteria and expectations for value we were very curious to see how they would manage our very high traffic websites over the course of nearly nine months. After all, reliability is the name of the game when you are online. If your website goes down, it could mean the difference between no sales and conversions and lost confidence in your potential customers. And one lost customer could make the difference in today's economy. Yet, with Lunar Pages, we found absolutely no problems at all. In fact, we were impressed with the incredibly fast loading times, even with large graphic heavy websites.

Clinching the value and reliability, we also wanted to see how they would perform in the usability category. Was their website and control panel easy to use? After all, this is where many of the websites simply fell off the cliff when it came to understanding their customers' needs.

Here again, Lunar Pages simply got it. They have taken "technical" features and turned them into an "easy to use" interface that we simply loved. No doubt, they are pushing the industry standard of what a great looking dashboard and control panel should look like.

In addition, though not officially in our criteria, we also noted our calls with their customer support. In the four times that we called them we had very friendly, knowledgeable, and interested support representatives, which seemed to place an exclamation point on our decision.

We feel very confident in recommending Lunar Pages as our top choice.

Verdict: Grade A Value, 100% reliable, and extremely easy to use.

Rating 9.3/10

Overall Value

Highly Recommended

2. HostGator

Making its mark with a strong showing, we chose Host Gator to be our number two choice among a competitive field of hosting companies.

Host Gator has been around for some time, but only recently began to truly invest in their hosting servers, database storage, and customer service. In truth, their efforts have paid off.

When it comes to value, they are right up there with the best hosting companies, providing unlimited data storage, bandwidth, emails, shared SSL certificates. In addition, they even offer a free Toll-free number. Their price was just right too!

While, our first selection, Lunar Pages, offered considerable value to their customers, we found that HostGator jockeyed in at a very close second. Only the slight down side was that they didn't have quite the product offering than our first choice did.

Yet, Host Gator remains a very solid web hosting choice for those interested in reliability and value, and has proudly earned our second pick.

Rating 8.7/10

Overall Value

Also Recommended

3. GoDaddy Hosting

Our third and final recommendation is GoDaddy. Known for years as the top web hosting solution, GoDaddy has led the way for many new webhosting companies.

Hungry for customers, many companies our simply out performing GoDaddy in terms of dollar-for-dollar value, which is why they are our third choice.

Their product offerings are basic and on the anemic side when compared to plans like iPage's basic hosting plan. Still, they made up for it in terms of their robust reliability in their web servers. Not, once did we have a problem with their servers going down.

In addition, they really are on the cutting edge when it comes to navigation. Their website and control panel is very easy to use and a snap to upload our websites. In fact, many of the newbie companies out there should really study how they are managing their user-interface. We feel that the ability to use the products and services are important to customers.

We find GoDaddy to be a strong solid choice for web hosting and highly recommend them as our third pick.

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